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T-Shirts and Posters Now Available!

You asked for it, now you’ve got it! T-Shirts and posters are now available in our merch store! For $13, you can get our new Industrial Evolution t-shirt, and you can get the new Butt Poster for just $5. Check them out:

Head over to the merch section to consume!

Cafe Coco 07/05/14

Thanks to everyone who came to Stephen’s Self Indulgent Birthday Show at Cafe Coco! We played with Blue Matches, The Greg Troyan Band, Regdar and the Fighters, and Lipstick! It was a blast. Since Kyle and Eric weren’t able to attend, we just did a folks-y style setlist featuring Jace on acoustic guitar, Stephen on bass, and Jace’s girlfriend Julia Larson on tambourine, ukulele (on Hulkulele), and cowbell (on The Agenda).

Setlist was:
Lizards in the Sky
The Agenda
Night Mare

Avada Kedavra German Version

In case you haven’t already stumbledĀ on this, some folks have created a German cover for our video Avada Kedavra.

Check it out if you haven’t already. Great work!

Show on July 5th!

We’ll be playing in Stephen’s Self Indulgent Birthday Show on July 5th!

Two New Music Videos!

We’ve come out with two music videos from the new album! The first is “The Halloween That Came Before November the First,” a live action debut. It was directed and edited by our friends Victoria Womack and Andie Ayotte. Click to watch.

The second is “Night Mare,” another AlbinoBlackSheep sponsored animation by Jordan Comeaux (ThePivotsXXD). Click!

The new album Psycho Delicacy can be streamed and bought at these places:
And physical CDs are available right here!

Psycho Delicacy is out!

Our brand new 21-song album, Psycho Delicacy, is finally here for all of the people in the world! We couldn’t be happier. Thank you to everybody who pre-ordered, and helped out by donating to our Kickstarter. Pre-orders and kickstarter CDs will be shipping out very soon, and the people who pre-ordered will receive their digital download.


Psycho Delicacy Digital Download Pre-Order

For anyone who doesn’t use CDs, the digital download of Psycho Delicacy is now available for pre-order from Bandcamp. The album will be released May 13th. (That’s when it’ll also be available on iTunes and places like that.) CD pre-orders will ship out a little bit before that date.

Psycho Delicacy CDs have arrived!

The Psycho Delicacy CDs have arrived!! And I can now say that the official release date for this is May 13th! If you contributed to our kickstarter, your CDs will be in the mail very shortly! And for now you can still pre-order the album right here at our website for $10 plus $2 shipping.

Kickstarter Digital Download

The album is done! The digital download is now available for all Kickstarter backers. If you were a backer, check your email or log into Kickstarter to get the link!

Psycho Delicacy is done!

Hey guys!

We’re happy to let you know that after months of pouring our energy into this album, that it’s finally done! The final mixes where done on Monday. We’re so proud of this album and we’re excited to finally be able to share it! It’s currently being mastered by Mark Kramer, who’s mastered albums by bands such as Ween, Butthole Surfers, and King Missile. He says, “you can definitely trust me to follow your lead on this. i will NOT alter the SPIRIT of this music, or these performances. i will magnify them so they cut a path straight to the listener’s brain’s pleasure centers. it’ll be GRAND!” He definitely understands what we’re going for on this album.

Kickstarter rewards will be going out soon after. All of the backers will receive the digital download AS SOON as we get the masters back! Thank you all for your patience and support.

Psycho Delicacy Pre-Order and New Songs!

At long last, our new album Psycho Delicacy is almost complete! This is seriously the album we’ve always wanted to make and we’re crazy proud of it, guys. We give a HUGE THANKS to everybody who helped us out and donated to our Kickstarter. The album is almost done and the rewards are definitely coming!

Pre-order by clicking the button above. The CD is $10 plus $2 shipping, and everybody who pre-orders will get a bonus CD filled with songs that were cut from the album, and home demos of new songs that might show up on the next one. This album contains 21 songs and 73 minutes worth of music! And being able to share every minute of it is a treat for us. As such, we’re releasing a free mp3 of a new song today as well! The song is called “So Many Fwends” and it’s kinda meant to sound like schizophrenia. Since this album is a bit of a concept album about a descent into insanity, we figured this would be a nice one to represent that.

So Many Fwends

Track credits:
Jace McLain: vocals, keyboards, accordion, percussion
Kyle Thorne: guitars, bass, keyboards
Eric Zhu: drums
Austin Aeschliman: whispering

And if you want to sample some more songs from the album before pre-ordering, you can download some free mp3s of more songs from Psycho Delicacy right here, dudes.
Lizards in the Sky
Trunk of Secrets
Making Christmas
Radiation Mutation Transformation

New song: Making Christmas

Well, we’ve been working on our new album, Psycho Delicacy for a very, very long time now. But we’re proud to tell you that it’s almost finished! As of right now, we only have four more tracks to mix! It’s really exciting for us. We’ve been working on this 73-minute, 21-track album for over three years now, and we truly think it’s the best material we’ve ever come up with. It’s the album we’ve always wanted to make, and we can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world. We’re anticipating a release in early 2014.

Since it’s the holiday season, we thought we’d share a free mp3 of one of the songs from it, entitled “Making Christmas.” No, it’s not a cover of that song from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s about a dude in an insane asylum who thinks he’s Santa Claus. We hope you like it!

Making Christmas

Track credits:
Kyle Thorne – vocals, guitars, bass
Jace McLain – backing vocals, keyboards, percussion
Brendan Sheairs – keyboards
Eric Zhu – drums