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New Shows: Nashville Mini-Maker Faire and Anime Kaiju

We have two new shows booked at some Nashville events! First is September 13th at the Nashville Mini-Maker Faire at the Adventure Science Center! (Timeslot still TBA). This should be a really fun event and we’re looking forward to playing. Be on the lookout for this show getting a special treatment with some educational They Might Be Giants covers!

We’re also booked to play Anime Kaiju, a brand new anime convention in Nashville! It’s January 2-4 and will be held at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel. Exact day and time still TBA.

Orlando Nerd Fest was Awesome!!!

This past week, we (well… not really “we”)… played Orlando Nerd Fest! It was such a blast. It was actually a show on the C stage (which happens at the same time as the main stages and panels), and it was also a show that got scheduled at the last minute. See, this was originally a trip where I was just going there to see Steam Powered Giraffe with my girlfriend, Julia. And at the last second, I emailed them and asked if Nuclear Bubble Wrap could possibly have a last minute show. Well, we got one. Being that my actual band wasn’t there, Julia played all the instruments that my band would have been playing. And thus, the Most Adorable Nuclear Bubble Wrap Show Ever happened. Video of it does exist, and we’ll hopefully have it up very soon!

I have to give shout outs to some of our friends and favorite acts there: the great Luke Ski, Devo Spice, The Doubleclicks, MC Lars, Sci-Fried, Schaffer the Darklord, and of course, Steam Powered Giraffe, who put on one of the best rock concerts/theatre performances I’ve ever seen. Fingers crossed for Nuclear Bubble Wrap being a main stage act next year! (We pretty much got told that yes, it will happen.)

Here’s what was played at the Nuclear Bubble Wrap show:
Lizards in the Sky
The Agenda
Night Mare
I’m Just Your Problem
Undying Love

Kickstarter and What We Learned

These are just a handful of the packages we sent out as rewards for our successful Kickstarter campaign. We’re very pleased that the kickstarter turned out to be a huge success. We worked extremely hard on it every day, and for a long time before we launched it. HUGE special thanks to our friend and mentor Rob Balder, comedy musician and creator of Erfworld, who guided us through the process, told us what to do and what not to do, and who was just kind enough to lend a helping hand. About exactly a year ago, our Kickstarter was successfully funded, going just $60 over its goal, and from there we were able to create our brand new album Psycho Delicacy.

Now, we realize that an entire year is a long time to wait for the backers to receive their rewards. We’re very sorry. First off, the album didn’t get completed and released until May, so obviously nothing was going to happen until then. It took nearly a year to get the rest of the songs mixed, the album mastered, and the CDs pressed. And that’s fine, after all, creativity can’t be rushed, and we wanted this album to be the best piece of music we could possibly make at that point. Unfortunately, we got in a bit over our heads. The exact amount of studio time needed to produce these 21 multi-layered psychedelic rock songs wasn’t calculated exactly right, and we ended up burning through the budget rather quickly. The last 4 or so songs had to be completed with money out of our pockets, and on top of that, we had to get the mastering and CD pressing jobs done out of pocket as well. Then came the T-shirts and posters– which, by the way, when they were introduced in the kickstarter campaign, proved to be successful additions to the rewards– we had to get those made, you guessed it, out of pocket.

In the end, everything worked out, of course. The album is done, the T-shirts are made, the packages are sent. (There’s still a few that are just of the posters– those are going out soon as well.) We’re very sorry it took a year to make it happen, but what’s done is done. We’re very thankful for your patience and for your contributions. We couldn’t have made this album without you guys. What did we learn? Kickstarters are difficult and budgets are important! We’ll definitely be going in a more self-produced direction now, so look to the skies. There’s any number of places you can go in the Multiverses.

The album, Psycho Delicacy, along with the T-shirt and poster are available in our merch section and as always, we’re on iTunes too.

Orlando Nerd Fest

We’re very happy to announce that Nuclear Bubble Wrap will be playing an acoustic set at Orlando Nerd Fest on the Jamspace stage at 5:00 pm on Sunday, August 10th!

T-Shirts and Posters Now Available!

You asked for it, now you’ve got it! T-Shirts and posters are now available in our merch store! For $13, you can get our new Industrial Evolution t-shirt, and you can get the new Butt Poster for just $5. Check them out:

Head over to the merch section to consume!

Cafe Coco 07/05/14

Thanks to everyone who came to Stephen’s Self Indulgent Birthday Show at Cafe Coco! We played with Blue Matches, The Greg Troyan Band, Regdar and the Fighters, and Lipstick! It was a blast. Since Kyle and Eric weren’t able to attend, we just did a folks-y style setlist featuring Jace on acoustic guitar, Stephen on bass, and Jace’s girlfriend Julia Larson on tambourine, ukulele (on Hulkulele), and cowbell (on The Agenda).

Setlist was:
Lizards in the Sky
The Agenda
Night Mare

Avada Kedavra German Version

In case you haven’t already stumbledĀ on this, some folks have created a German cover for our video Avada Kedavra.

Check it out if you haven’t already. Great work!

Show on July 5th!

We’ll be playing in Stephen’s Self Indulgent Birthday Show on July 5th!

Two New Music Videos!

We’ve come out with two music videos from the new album! The first is “The Halloween That Came Before November the First,” a live action debut. It was directed and edited by our friends Victoria Womack and Andie Ayotte. Click to watch.

The second is “Night Mare,” another AlbinoBlackSheep sponsored animation by Jordan Comeaux (ThePivotsXXD). Click!

The new album Psycho Delicacy can be streamed and bought at these places:
And physical CDs are available right here!

Psycho Delicacy is out!

Our brand new 21-song album, Psycho Delicacy, is finally here for all of the people in the world! We couldn’t be happier. Thank you to everybody who pre-ordered, and helped out by donating to our Kickstarter. Pre-orders and kickstarter CDs will be shipping out very soon, and the people who pre-ordered will receive their digital download.


Psycho Delicacy Digital Download Pre-Order

For anyone who doesn’t use CDs, the digital download of Psycho Delicacy is now available for pre-order from Bandcamp. The album will be released May 13th. (That’s when it’ll also be available on iTunes and places like that.) CD pre-orders will ship out a little bit before that date.

Psycho Delicacy CDs have arrived!

The Psycho Delicacy CDs have arrived!! And I can now say that the official release date for this is May 13th! If you contributed to our kickstarter, your CDs will be in the mail very shortly! And for now you can still pre-order the album right here at our website for $10 plus $2 shipping.