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The Geek Easy 4/18

TONIGHT! An adorable acoustic version of Nuclear Bubble Wrap will be playing The Geek Easy in Winter Park, FL, along with My Parents Favorite Music, Marc with a C, and The Gekkos! Free show. Starts at 7:00 EST.

Check out the Facebook event page for more info.

Internet people can watch a livestream of the show right here!

Watch live video from OrlandoNerdFest on

MTAC 4/3/2015

MTAC show got off to a weird start with a tornado warning and an hour long delay but was fun once things got going! Sang Hulkulele to Gumby, used the new accordion for the first time on Undying Love. Playing these nerd cons is always a blast. Can’t wait to be back!

Raichu a Song
Lizards in the Sky
The Agenda
Night Mare
I’m Just Your Problem
Undying Love


Nuclear Bubble Wrap concert at Middle Tennessee Anime Convention Friday April 3 at 6:00 pm! Along with Night Sabers, Dr. Mechanica, and Lipstick!

New Music Video: THE AGENDA

Check out our new music video for our song “The Agenda.” This was animated by ThePivotsXXD and basically is a statement of how dumb homophobes sound. Spread the love and share it! And vote for it on Newgrounds too! (We won Daily 2nd Place!)

“The Agenda” is available on our album Psycho Delicacy.

NBW at MTAC ’15

We’re indeed playing MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) this year, on the night of Friday, April 3. Register now!

Album Update

Just thought we’d let you know that our next album, Multiverses has been tracked and has moved along to the final mixing process!

That’s all for now!

Fandomania Podcast Interview

We were interviewed on Fandomania’s geek music podcast to talk about Psycho Delicacy!

Fandomania’s Favorite Geek Music of 2014!

Fandomania just wrote up a list of favorite geek music albums released in 2014! And of course, Psycho Delicacy made the cut!

Thanks, Fandomania! Be on the lookout for a Nuclear Bubble Wrap interview on their podcast very soon!

Agenda’s Coming for You, Now.

A video for “The Agenda” is coming. Stay tuned or be turned into a cow.

Also, for the first time, physical CDs of Psycho Delicacy and Abracadaver are now available on



First of all, a stripped down, acoustic version of us will be playing at The Geek Easy with Marc with a C and The Gekkos on April 18!

And second of all, we will be a main stage act at Orlando Nerd Fest in August this year. More details to come!

The Nerd Groove: Best of 2014

The podcast The Nerd Groove (part of the Nerdy Show and podcast network) just did an episode about the best nerdy music of 2014, and our album Psycho Delicacy was noted as one of the best albums to come out this year! The songs “Lizards in the Sky” and “Night Mare” were specifically cited, and they called the album “wonderful” and “immersive.” They also noted that we just might be the only full-on psychedelic act doing nerd music. Thanks, guys!

You can hear them talk about Psycho Delicacy specifically at about one hour and 20 minutes in.

The Nerd Groove :: Episode 8 :: The Best Nerd Music of 2014 Featuring Marc With A C

Psycho Delicacy Review by Fandomania

Nerd culture website Fandomania has given us a very nice review of Psycho Delicacy! Check it out! “Nuclear Bubble Wrap reminds me of Ween and The Flaming Lips. They have a more psychedelic sound than any other geeky band I’ve heard, which also means that it was inevitable that I’d love their newest album.”

They also review the album Former Spine by our good friends Smashy Claw.