Monthly archive December, 2008

Radio Play

Well during one of my study breaks I was curious to actually see how much radio play NBW gets, and I was really shocked. Thank you to everyone who has ever, voted, played, or listened to our music on any internet radio or podcast shows.

If you are a radio DJ and you want our songs for free for your show, please email me(, and I will get those songs to you.

Thanks once again!!!!

New Website thingy

Well, it’s that time of year again… yep, time to completely change the website! So we changed it up. We now have this blog thingy that you all can comment on, and now guess what, you can stream every single freakin’ song of ours right here on the website for free.

Of course, if you’re so inclined, there’s also links to buy each song in high quality for just $1.

Thing is, those are all the old songs. We’re making a lot of new stuff now, and we’re recording in an actual recording studio! That’s right, no more horrible sounding home recordings that you hear on Jumping the Shark and Advanced at Nothing! Very soon we’ll have an EP finished up for you all, and it’ll be available by all the usual means… iTunes, CDBaby, this website… you know.

You may have noticed we ditched the forums. Those were kinda dead, anyway.

NBW in the Studio

We’ve all been working really hard in the studio trying to prepare a new album and a new EP for all you. It’s sounding really good and we all hope that you will enjoy it once we release it! Be on the lookout for the EP in late January and for the album before this summer!