Monthly archive January, 2010

Nuclear Bubble Wrap: Rock Band!

With the release of Rock Band Network, we have been working to make some of our songs available in the game! If we have any luck, the songs will pass… *shudder*… peer review. When that happens, the songs will be up for download in the Xbox Live Rock Band Network store!

So, just letting you guys know that we’re working on that. More details will come later.

MarsCon 2010!

Holy crap, MarsCon is 2 months away and I haven’t said a word about it! I need to start doing that!!

Okay, so what is MarsCon you ask? Well even if you didn’t ask, I’ll tell you. It’s a sci-fi convention in Bloomington, MN. And they have a huge comedy music track, and my band (Nuclear Bubble Wrap) will be performing! Yay!!!

The con lasts from March 5th through the 7th. Our regular show is on Saturday the 6th (I believe we go on at 2:00 PM), although we will also make appearances on Friday and Sunday, doing “special” songs.

The con is being held at the Holiday Inn Select in Bloomington, MN. See for more details.

Artists performing besides us include: The Nick Atoms, Throwing Toasters, Schaffer the Darklord, Steve Goodie, Insane Ian, Dino-Mike, Odd Austin, Rob Balder, Worm Quartet, The Gothsicles, Power Salad, Carrie Dahlby, Hot Waffles, Raymond & Scum, Devo Spice, and the great Luke Ski! Whew!

Oh, I should also mention there’s a fundraiser CD that, if the goal is met, will pay for our hotel rooms. You don’t want us to have to sleep on the street, right? You can get those here.
They’re pretty nifty and contain live recordings from last year’s concerts.

Yeah, I think that’s it. Be there!