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“Bare Facts” on Dr. Demento

Well, according to this here playlist, “Bare Facts” was played on the Dr. Demento Show this weekend! Please request him to play it again by filling out this form. If he gets enough requests, the song will show up in the top 10! Wouldn’t that be nifty?

Next week: Marscon!!!


We’ll be playing as part of the Dementia Track on Saturday afternoon. You should come. And stuff. Check the Marscon Dementia site for details.

Ask NBW 2/19/10

Potato’s brings up a good question… Remember that music video we talked about earlier?

potato’s asks: what happened to the “know your powercords” music video?

It was filmed… and it turned out crappy. We have to reshoot it next month. Don’t worry though, it will happen! Man, I told myself I’d never put eyeliner on again…

Ask NBW: 2/17/10

Here’s a new batch of questions we got for Ask NBW. To ask a question, just click the “Ask NBW” link at the top!

RattMice asks: Why did you write “Draining the Lizard on a Dead Gay Wizard” exactly? It sounds like the song is about pissing on a dead, fictional wizard’s grave for because it is later revealed that he’s gay. Is that what the song is about, and if so do your band have some kind of negative stance on homosexuality?

I’ll start off by saying that no, we don’t have any negative stance on it and we’re very supportive of homosexuality and gay rights. It’s unfortunate that the song is being taken the wrong way, because we had no intentions of making it sound like that and I’m sorry that people are misinterpreting it. Basically, my friend ShoEboX and I were discussing Wizard Rock (a genre of music in which bands sing about the Harry Potter books) and how Harry Potter fans tend to take the series very seriously. So we thought it’d be funny to openly mock one of the most beloved characters in the series and of course, piss on his grave. Mentioning him being gay was in there just to educate people who perhaps didn’t know he was, to avoid confusion at the “dead gay wizard” line. That said, it was merely meant to be a song ridden with pee jokes and not much else.

Fox asks: What’s the chord your playings to unlock the Easter egg scene?

That’s for you to figure out. Hint: There’s two chords, and the notes in each chord spell out a word.

Adam Montasser asks: Are you guys a big fan of “They Might Be Giants”?

Oh, you know it. They’ve been a huge influence on our music and lyrics and are one of our favorite bands. Who knows, maybe one day we can be as lucky as Jonathan Coulton and get to open for them! All you gotta do is cover one of their albums in its entirety, right?

New song! “Bare Facts”

Hey guys! Got a new song for ya today!

This is another song from our upcoming Beatles parody album and it’s called “Bare Facts.” It’s a parody of “Dear Prudence.” Download it now! It’s a song about naked people! See, now you know you want it.

Bare Facts