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Something Awful This Way Went

Well it finally happened. Some brave soul just purchased the very last copy of “Something Stupid This Way Comes.” I hope they know they’re in for.

That CD was made in 2005 when we first formed the band. We didn’t know what we were doing and had very little knowledge of musicianship. Songs were recorded without a click track. The guitar playing is atrocious. The songwriting is just plain bad. Nevertheless, it happened. I suppose it had to happen because otherwise, we never would have learned how to actually create music.

Only about 40 copies of that CD actually exist. And the very last one got sold. It’s gone. Forever! We got rid of it. Success!

The new album…

The next Nuclear Bubble Wrap release is called “Exploding Head Syndrome.” Every song on the album has been written. All but two are completely finished. In the next recording session, those two will be finished and hopefully the album will see a late September/early October release.

Making this album has been a thrilling experience. We’ve evolved tremendously over the years. I know in the beginning, we sucked. But we kept trying. I’m really happy with the direction we’ve been going in lately and couldn’t be anymore excited for this album.

See, it’s almost sad to think about this, but one thing I’ve always dreamed of is making a record that I’m not embarrassed to play for somebody else from start to finish. In NBW, I’ve never done that. A lot of it is my fault, really. I used to rush albums like mad. I would write songs that I knew weren’t up to par, just for the sake of padding the album length. Even the debut studio EP, You Are What You Eat contains songs I’m not exactly proud of.

But over the past year I’ve gotten much more confident in my songwriting ability and our musicianship. I’m not just trying to make zany off the wall comedy songs. I want to write songs that actually resonate with people… genuinely heartfelt and well written songs, musically and lyrically. And I think I’m finally getting somewhere. I’m really proud of every song on this record.

And so, Exploding Head Syndrome will exist soon. I need to thank my bandmates, Kyle, Brendan and Eric for sticking through this ride and helping to create this album. It’s definitely the best thing we’ve made up to this point and you guys have displayed an amazing amount of creativity and musicianship. Also need to thank Steve Goodie, our producer/engineer without whom the album couldn’t sound as amazing as it does. And finally, thanks to my friend Brandon for being there to criticize my music and not being afraid to whip me into shape when something wasn’t good enough.

The tracklist:
1. Burning Ambitions
2. Inyourendo
3. Food Belongs in Me
4. Raichu A Song
5. Captain Abduction
6. Birdfucker
7. I Never Go to Work
8. Sharktopus
9. Avada Kedavra
10. Know Your Power Chords
11. Lesbian
12. Holes in the Fort
13. Words Like Arsenic (Thyne Eyes Befell the Celestial Carnival)
14. Draining the Lizard on a Dead Gay Wizard
15. In Space No One Can Hear You Scream


Ask NBW 7/17/10

Some interesting things in this Ask NBW update. Incase you ever wanted sheet music to ScientLOLojyuuichi or the instrumental of Raichu A Song.

Opuk asks: Do you have a karaoke/instrumental version of the song “Raichu a Song”? And also lyrics if possible. I want to sing this for my last talent show at school.

Yeah! Actually, the new album is going to be an enhanced CD, and part of the bonus content will be instrumentals of every song on the album! But, since you need it for a talent show now, sure… we’ll hand over the instrumental. Download it here. Thanks, and good luck! 😀

Some pianist asks: can u please give me some piano sheet music for scientLOLojyuuichi? i would really fuckin appreciate that.

Here ya go.