The new album, “Exploding Head Syndrome” is set to be released very soon… most likely late September/early October. But you can pre-order the CD right now!!! Pre-orders will also receive a bonus disc of other random NBW related things. CDs will be shipped as soon as they’re back from the presses.

Exploding Head Syndrome PRE-ORDER – $10.00 (+$2 shipping)

Includes: Burning Ambitions, Inyourendo, Food Belongs In Me, Raichu a Song, Captain Abduction, Birdfucker, I Never Go to Work, Sharktopus, Avada Kedavra, Know Your Power Chords, Lesbian, Holes in the Fort, Words Like Arsenic (Thyne Eyes Befell the Celestial Carnival), Draining the Lizard on a Dead Gay Wizard, In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Enhanced CD features: Bonus tracks, instrumental mixes, commentary by the band